Data Center Migration

IMC performs physical migrations of all hardware routers, servers, racks, cabinets, AC units and APCs.

Servicing companies around the world, IMC manages large-scale data center migrations with a thorough process that ensures the reliable and secure transfer of all data.  We know that data is one of our clients’ most valuable assets, so extensive security protocols are integrated into all of our migrations.  Our technicians undergo rigorous background checks and provide chain of custody affidavits.  We utilize the most secure materials and technologies available, including GPS-enabled vehicles and barcodes to track equipment movement in real time. We ensure the secure and sustainable decommissioning of all data centers with green and environmentally friendly solutions to E-waste.

  • Provide budgets for financial forecasting
  • Inventory, verify, generate equipment lists
  • Generate barcode labels for all equipment
  • Specialty packing and securing of equipment
  • Vehicles with GPS systems to enable tracking of product
  • Un-racking, racking and cabling services
  • Full decommissioning and sustainable E-waste of data centers